Exploring the horizons
of innovative technology

We are constantly striving to achieve successful results in the field of pharmaceutical science
Puniska's vision is to invest in formulation, production, technology, and process development in a way that it delivers results which are par excellence. We believe in providing efficient and safe drugs to improve patients' health worldwide.
Puniska Healthcare is a privately-owned healthcare company founded in 2017 and it is a part of Puniska Group of Companies. Puniska Group of Companies is engaged in Healthcare, Real estate and Finance. Puniska Healthcare has an experienced team of unmatched know-how in development and manufacturing parenteral products focusing on therapeutics likeĀ Analgesics, Anesthetics, Antiemetics, Anti-infectives and Cardiac.
Puniska develops quality injectable and infusions for regulated and semi-regulated market. We aim to bring out best quality drugs by using technological expertise based on Sterile and Aseptic techniques, which are backed up with the science of Targeted Delivery System. The company is involved in the complete development of injectables, starting from research & development, scale-up, manufacturing, registration to commercialization until the drug is poised to become a credible market player.


It will start as a story and turn into a saga
The only thing that exceeds our work ambitions is our will to achieve perfection. Operating with crystal-clear goals and a never-tire approach, we are on a journey to become pioneers in the healthcare industry.
The perfect amalgamation of Technocrats and Techno-Commercials coming together to create a benchmark in the field of Injectables.